The Mascara You Must Have in Your Beauty Box


Whether you buy your makeup from Sephora, the drug store or department store, it’s so easy to be overwhelmed by all the options. And when it comes to mascara, there seems to be a million different types to choose from. What’s a girl to do?

I’ve been in that situation plenty of times, but I’ve finally found the answer. Hands-down, Lancôme’s new mascara, Grandiôse, is the best I’ve ever used.

Lancôme is known for its high-quality mascara—I’ve been a loyal customer for years. But what makes this mascara so special and different from the others? The wand. It’s revolutionary (and patented). Unlike any other mascara, Grandiôse‘s Swan Neck™ Wand curves slightly in. That way, you can apply mascara to even the hardest to reach lashes with ease. No more accidentally swiping black mascara all over your eyelid with this product. And even better, the wide angle fan effect of the wand allows for exceptional length, lift and volume on all of your lashes during each application.

But there’s more. The one-of-a-kind curved wand actually mixes the mascara each time you twist open the bottle. This allows for the mascara formula to stay fresh longer (so you don’t have to buy it as often!). And the unique shape of the bottle provides you with an extra 30 days worth of mascara.

Although this product is on the pricier side—it retails at $32—I would be lying if I said it wasn’t worth the investment. This mascara is life-changing. You will never be able to go back to your other brands after giving your lashes a swipe.

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