10 Things You Learn During Sorority Rush


1. How to make conversation with anyone and everyone. For those new to rush, be forewarned. You will be doing a lot of talking. So much talking, you may question if it’s even humanly possible. There will be moments where you meet the girl of your dreams and talk your brains off. But you are guaranteed to meet some girls who you just don’t click with. It happens. But the key to being an expert recruiter? Make the conversation flow as naturally as possible and make the PNM love you. This is a networking skill you will need for the rest of your life, so might as well perfect it now, ladies.

2. How to walk, sing, clap, snap and smile at the same time. This isn’t an exaggeration. During rush, you will be required to master the art of multitasking. When PNMs are walking into your house, you will be doing so much with your hands, feet, mouth and voice at once, you’re brain might feel like it’s going to explode. Don’t worry, that means you’re doing it right.

3. How to pretend like you hear what someone’s saying when you don’t actually hear her at all. You can only imagine how freaking loud a room is filled with over a hundred chatty girls blabbing at once. You can only imagine how many times a girl is talking (actually, more like yelling) at you, yet you still have absolutely no idea what she’s saying. In this scenario, just keep calm, keep smiling and keep nodding until you can finally pick up on some key words and understand what she’s talking about. Total lifesaver.

4. How to survive on eating one or two crackers every few hours. In between rounds, there’s so much running around going on, you barely have enough time to blink, let alone eat. But you will be on such an adrenaline high, you will totally get by with just stuffing a few crackers in your mouth every couple of hours.

5. How to remember people’s names. Remembering PNMs names is key and it’s not as easy as it may seem (refer to #1 and #3). By the end of the day when your brain has practically turned into mush, it’s common to hear, “Who was that blonde? The one I talked to first? Michelle!” “Wait, who was that one, I think I talked to her about dance? She dances, doesn’t she? Lauren!”

6. How to determine the scale in which you actually like someone. In real life when you meet someone, you determine whether you like them or not. And that’s it. Well, sorority rush isn’t real life. You have to determine which part of the sisterhood spectrum the PNM falls on. You like her so much she could be your sister? You like her enough, sort of enough to be your sister? Maybe she’s just a casual acquaintance? Or you would never talk to her unless you were stranded on an island together? These are common questions you must consider.

7. How not to get sick. Being in a house for hours on end with every single one of your sisters makes it hard enough not to get sick. But then, throw in all the PNMs you are leaning in super close to talk to (refer to #3) and shaking hands with, it seems nearly impossible not to catch something. You’ve learned by now that downing excessive amounts of Vitamin C and Emergen-C is your ultimate lifesaver to avoid that dreaded situation.

8. How to dress “snappy casual.” Yes, snappy casual is a thing. It’s like trendy, cute and fun business casual. While still being business casual. Still confused? Refer to your recruitment chair, please.

9. How to survive on a maximum of four hours of sleep a night. You won’t be sleeping during rush. Get used to it. Accept it. You can go into hibernation after Bid Day.

10. How to describe to every PNM how much your sorority means to you and why joining it was the best decision of your life. Sometimes with everything going on, it can be hard to remember the important things. Like that rush is meant for you to find your future sisters and your future best friends. It may sound cheesy, but it’s true. And how do you convince PNMs you’re house is meant for them too? By describing how thanks to your sorority, you’ve met some of your best friends, made some of your craziest memories and had some of the most incredible experiences during your college career. And nothing could ever be worth more than that.

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