Q&A With PEOPLE’s Style & Beauty Director Andrea Lavinthal


For one of my recent class assignments, I was lucky enough to do a Twitterview with Newhouse alumna and one of my role models, Andrea Lavinthal, the Style & Beauty Director at PEOPLE.

Andrea shared some amazing advice for aspiring magazine editors, revealed her favorite beauty products and even gave us a peek inside her office. And if you don’t already follow Andrea on Twitter, you should. She is always witty and hilarious. Want to know more? Check out the Q&A below!

What’s your best advice for aspiring magazine editors?

Andrea: Follow your favorite editors on social media. It’s flattering and a great entry point for an email.

What is the most fun part of working at PEOPLE Magazine?

Andrea: The morning meetings. Our Editorial Director Jess Cagle and Deputy Editor Henry Goldblatt are both hilarious.

What can an intern do to really impress his or her boss?

Andrea: Take on something that no one else wants to do or knows how to do. Like figure out Snapchat!

What do editors at PEOPLE Magazine look for in a pitch from freelancers?

Andrea: We don’t use freelancers in my department, but I’d want pitches for stories I wouldn’t think of myself.

What are your top five beauty essentials?

Andrea: Eyelash curler, Love Amika curling iron, NARS tinted moisturizer, Dove body wash and Maybelline mascara.

I’m dying to see the inside of your PEOPLE magazine office. Can you share a selfie?

Andrea: I need concealer and better lighting!


And my “mini” beauty closet in my office.


Have you been able to inject your personality into your work without conflict?

Andrea: Yes! I’m always relieved when I still have a job Tuesday morning. Maybe someone in HR is a Bachelor fan?

What’s your secret to coming up with the funniest tweets? (Especially your live tweets of The Bachelor!)

Andrea:  Lots of wine, no filter.

Who is your favorite celebrity to draw style inspiration from right now and why?

Andrea: North West. Kidding (sort of). I love everything Nicole Richie wears.

Who are your favorite people to follow on social media?

Andrea: @Possessionista@AlizaLicht, @hillarykerr, @JillBidenVeep, and @JaclynSwartz.

What did you do in college to prepare for your career? What do you wish you’d done?

Andrea: I worked at the Student Voice as a features editor. I wish I started a blog but they didn’t exist.

What’s one thing you learned from a professor at Newhouse that you’ll never forget?

Andrea: One thing? I learned EVERYTHING from Professor Glavin, Professor Chessher and Dean Rubin.

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