9 Ways to Survive Your First Brazilian Wax

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1. Grow out your hair, down there. Don’t be embarrassed to show up with a full bush. If your hair isn’t long enough, the wax actually has a harder time getting pulled off the skin, and results aren’t as good. You would be putting yourself through the pain for nothing! Grow it all out, sister.  

2. Go to a salon that offers hard wax. For those who are new to Brazilian waxing, hard wax is much less painful option than using soft wax with strips. The European Wax Center uses this special type of wax and has locations all across the country.

3. Pee beforehand. Maybe it’s just me, but getting so nervous and accidentally peeing on my waxer was a great fear of mine. I would say, go before your appointment, just to stay on the safe side.

4. Let out any extra gas you may have, too. You wouldn’t want an accidental slip while she’s working. That would be rude.

5. Accept the fact you and your waxer are going to get to know each other very well during this appointment. Yeah, it is kind of weird to think about someone you barely know getting all up and personal with your private parts. But this is her job. She spends all day doing this. Seeing a hairy vagina is nothing new to her. To make it less awkward, start talking about life. It will make the time pass quicker and distract you from the pain.

6.  Make sure you’re not on your period. This should be a given, but some people need to be told.

7. Also be sure not to schedule your appointment too close to your period. The week before you’re supposed to get your period, your skin is actually more sensitive down there. You might put yourself through some extra unnecessary pain by doing that, so plan your appointment accordingly.

8. Don’t watch what’s happening while you’re laying on the table. There’s a lot going on when your waxer is getting all up in there. It can be scary to think about, let alone see. You don’t want to watch what’s going on. You just don’t. And make it a general rule not to check out your new self until an hour or so after your wax, just to give the redness and puffiness a chance to go down.

9. Do whatever you need to do to deal with the pain. If you need to yell, yell. If you need to laugh, laugh. If you need to breathe in and exhale deeply, do that too. You’re about to be put through 20 minutes of semi-excrutiating pain, so whatever you can do to make it not seem as bad, you should totally do. No shame.

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