8 Things to Know Before the First Time You SoulCycle


1. Newbies use bikes in the back rows. For your first few times at SoulCycle, pick a bike towards the back of the room. When you register for your class online, you choose exactly which bike you will be using, and typically, the more experienced SoulCyclers go towards the front. If you’re a little nervous about your first time, it helps to watch those in front of you as you master all the moves!

2. The bikes are super close together. You may be surprised to find when you first walk in the classroom, all the bikes are lined up on top of one another. The whole point of this is so you feed off of everyone else’s energy while cycling. As crazy as it sounds, it actually does work. You will feel totally empowered by everyone else around you.

3. There will be all different types of people there. There’s old people, young people, über-athletic people, and even people who look completely out of their element. Don’t feel intimidated if you’re not an expert cycler. There’s plenty of other amateurs who do SoulCycle, and in no time, you will feel right at home.

4. You might feel kind of awkward and silly when you do some of the dance movements. SoulCycle is unlike any other cycling experience. While you’re cycling, the instructor will guide you through some dance movements to the beat of the music. It’s really fun and makes the time go by faster, but you may definitely feel a little awkward at first. If you’re struggling with all the multitasking, don’t feel bad if you don’t follow all the movements and just focus on pedaling. That’s why you sit in the back row.

5. It’s more fun if you go with a friend. Like anything else, bringing a friend along for your first time makes the experience 10x more fun. Plus, there may be moments during your workout session where you feel like you might die (figuratively, of course), and it definitely helps to look over at your BFF for some unspoken support. And you’ll both feel so much less guilty when you treat yourselves to that extra glass of rosé later that night.

6. You will sweat more than you thought was physically possible. Don’t make any immediate plans after your workout. Just don’t. Even if you claim to be one of those people that miraculously “don’t sweat,” trust me. You will sweat.

7. At one point during the class, you will be using hand weights while cycling at the same time. Don’t be surprised at one point during the class when the instructor tells you to pull out your hand weights (they’re located underneath your seat for easy access). You will slow down your pedaling pace and do some arm exercises at the same time. Although the weights aren’t heavy, it can actually get pretty tiring. So, if you need to put your arms down for a rest, go for it!

8. The ambiance and energy in the room is unlike any cycling experience you’ve ever had before. SoulCycle can truly be a transformative workout experience for anyone. The lighting is dimmed dark and the music is bumping. Your instructor will push you to your limits and encourage you along the way. Not only do you feel physically rejuvenated after the class, but you also feel mentally stronger. It’s hard to describe, but just know after you SoulCycle, you will never want to do regular cycling ever again.

Click here find a SoulCycle studio in your area. 

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