There’s Now An App That Shows You What 200 Calories of Every Type of Food Looks Like

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This year, is your New Year’s resolution to start (or at least attempt) to eat healthier? Are you dreading this resolution? Yep, aren’t we all. After stuffing your face with delicious holiday meals and downing the cocktails on New Year’s Eve, it’s time to crack down and watch what goes in your mouth.

One of the biggest problems people face, especially during the holiday season, is overeating. On Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, it’s almost a requirement to eat yourself into a food coma. And besides the holidays, if you’re out for dinner at a restaurant and served a huge portion of food, you just eat it all, right? According to research, many restaurants in the United States serve meals that are far beyond an appropriate portion. This problem has significantly contributed to the huge obesity problem our country faces today.

But fear not! There’s now a way for you to eat what you want yet not break your diet.

Calorific is a new calorie-counting app available on all iOS devices that allows users to see what 200 calories of any kind of food looks like.

Calorie counts are virtually everywhere now, but to most people, they are are just numbers.  Thanks to Calorific, you can visualize exactly what those pesky numbers actually are. This is portion-control made easy—finally! You can see that an entire plate full of cranberries is the same number of calories as four and a half peaches. Or if you’re feeling like going for a sweet splurge, you can find that you can eat an entire chocolate eclair for only 200 calories. Yup. You can have dessert and not break your diet, too.


In addition to visually displaying what 200 calories looks like, users receive a daily fun fact comparing what a 200-calorie serving looks like for two different foods.


This app is an awesome way to easily help you control how much you eat. You don’t have to starve yourself or give up all your favorites treats to stay healthy. As long as you eat in moderation, you will be fine. Throw those gluten-free, carb-free, dairy-free and paleo diets out the window. Download Calorific. And start your New Year’s resolution off on the right foot today.

Click here to download Calorific. 

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